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Lookin GOOD Glossary

Unfortunately for most of you, this show operates on many, many inside jokes and references. Because the show exists mostly in the boys’ heads and not exactly attuned to a general audience, it causes the listeners to have to play catch up and detective to figure out what the fuck they’re talking about or referencing half the time. My advice to you is watch The Big Lebowski and Reservoir Dogs, at least twice each. That would explain probably 50% of them, right there.

Otherwise, here is a slightly comprehensive list of most of the general references made on the show, of people, stories, etc. Some of these relate to older episodes and lived and died on the vine kind of fast; others are still thrown around twice per episode. Hopefully it helps. But it probably won’t.


Lookin GOOD Glossary


Andrew Dice Clay – A famous comedian that’s been a major influence on the boys: many insulting terms and the style they’re yelled in come from the Dice Man. (See: “Corpse hair!” “Naval tits!” “Gumball Head!” etc..)

Asshole Face – A common insult used by the Dice Man/Lookin Good crew

At Close Range – A 1986 film starring Christopher Walken, where a good handful of quotes (“The car’s a piece a shit; some of the parts are borrowed.”) and the actual name of our show, “Lookin GOOD” came from. (It’s in the beginning/intro music of every episode)

Andrewjeszki, Jessica – Depew resident/childhood friend of Luke’s, who is sometimes referenced in historical anecdotes. (Known for having a large, luscious rack at a very young age.)

Adam – Former roommate of Keith the Teeth, also known as “THOR HAIR.” (Because he had, y’know…hair, like Thor. The norse god of thunder.)



Bad Lieutenant – 1992 film starring Harvey Keitel, which is heavily referenced in the show for several distinguished lines, most notably: “Show me how ya suck a guy’s cock; LAST TIME I’m gonna ask you.” And: “Show me with ya mouth.” (Used as the intro for Episode 19)

Bandgard – Creators of several Halloween songs that play in regular rotation at Pinz bowling center (where Uncle Luke & Polish Brandon work)

Bar dick – A phrase Scott Murphy picked up about having a big dick; it hangs down to your knee. (Or something stupid like that)

Belt – Article of clothing, which, unbeknownst to a young and innocent Polish Brandon, was tied to his friend’s dick under the covers of his bed. (He was asked to “pick up the belt,” and proceeded to moan as PB attempted to do so.)

Big Lebowski – A 1998 film which many quotes from the show are derived from.

Big Gus, Baby Baby – Nickname for one of Uncle Luke’s former co workers, and one of his few “single friends” that he goes carousing for girls with (unsuccessfully) from time to time.

“BIG TIME, homes!” – Something one of the characters yells in “Training Day,” during the scene where Jake is being set up in Smiley’s kitchen, often referenced on the show.

“The BIG ones…” – Random line from Chappelle’s Show, the “When Keepin It Real Goes Wrong” skit where Dave is still living at his Grandma’s, and she’s balling the “Holla holla holla” guy.

“Black Trans Am” – Horrible screenplay concept concocted by Brandon’s former roommate.

Bokes – Childhood friend of Uncle Luke & Polish Brandon, another Buffalo transplant in Los Angeles. He’s best known as the cinematographer of Uncle Luke’s Funny or Die skits, and a participant in the ill-fated threesome from the summer of 2011. (Which is referenced quite often; See: Episode 13)

Boners – Something Uncle Luke “gets a lot of, bro” according to Polish Brandon, which became a catch phrase. (“Romance/date boner,” “work boner,” etc) See: Episode 7

“Bush like a birds nest” – A phrase that describes a woman’s vagina when it is unshaven. (From Uncle Luke’s Weirdfellas skit ” Robert Duvall Gets A Part Time Job.”) www.funnyordie.com/weirdfellas

Buffalo – Hometown of Uncle Luke & Polish Brandon, and a source of much of their misery, childhood trauma, and maladjustment in society.



Cam – Ex girlfriend of Uncle Luke’s, referenced in stories from time to time.

Cheese – Asian female guest on the show and Polish Brandon’s main squeeze. Also known as Chana, Nip, Zipperhead.

“ChuRROOS!”- Punchline of a famous joke, told by one of the Mexican porters at the bowling alley.

Brian Clarkson – Childhood friend of Polish Brandon, often referenced in past Buffalo/Depew stories. (Usually followed by Luke imitating the High Pitch Eric voice from Howard Stern, from a famous prank call he made involving the same name)

“Cocksucking thing” – A favorite colloquialism of Polish Brandon’s

“Cocksucker face” – A favorite insult used by the boys (See: “Andrew Dice Clay”)

“Come OWN.” – A phrase made famous by a local, effeminate colored gentleman/mental patient when yelling at his dog in front the boys’ apt.

Connor (Jr. & Sr.) – Uncle Luke’s bosses at his M-F job, they own a motion picture equipment rental house. Also known as 2 prolific and distinguished Hollywood camera operators/directors of photography on many classic movies & blockbusters, to this very day.

Corpse Hair – A nickname for the boys’ former boss at their bowling alley job. (See also: “Dead Person Hair,” “Andrew Dice Clay.”)

“Cranberry Juice” – Nickname given to one of Uncle Luke’s POF dates, who famously came home very drunk and wound up ruining a mattress, due to sexual intercourse during a certain time of the month. (See: Episode 16)



DAD.” – One of the boys’ favorite customers at Pinz, who amused them with that response and his odd inflection of it when asked what his name was to enter it into the computer.

Dan-imal – Coworker from the boys’ bowling alley job, who supplies Polish Brandon with expensive gadgets, also known as Dan-aconda, The Dandy Man, Sleeves, etc.

Dane-imal – Former upstairs neighbor of the boys, and a bowler on Polish Brandon’s Tues league

Depew – A small suburb of Buffalo, where the boys grew up and went to high school. The source of many stories from the show.

Derrick – A grimy, miserable factory that Uncle Luke spent 5 long years toiling in in Cheektowaga, NY. The source of much of his Buffalo vitriol.

“DUDE, dickhead…” – A favorite retort of Polish Brandon’s, whenever Uncle Luke accuses him of something, or slights him in some fashion.

“Dues & Dont’s” – Famous graffiti tag around the Depew area in the mid-90s, created by Jeff Duerr

Jeff Duerr – Stoner and classmate of Polish Brandon. (See above)

Bob Dzingielewski – Polish Brandon’s father, who is sometimes heard in show intro clips (from voicemails) and a favorite impersonation of Uncle Luke’s.


Easy E – Rapper made famous from his time in the rap supergroup “NWA.” Also a nickname Polish Brandon came up with for one of Uncle Luke’s many concubines.



“Fat Fuck Juice” –  Derogatory term given to the Slim Fast’s Uncle Luke drinks after he feels he’s gained too much weight.



“Gay bar or steakhouse” – a very ill-conceived bit Polish Brandon tried to bring to the show, which he was summarily punished for. (See: Episode 11)

Grape UV – A flavorful and cheap vodka often in stock at the Lookin GOOD Compound. (Once referenced to in an oddly effeminate voice by Polish Brandon, which was not soon forgotten & still often referenced.)

Green type tube – Random line from a famous Howard Stern clip of his father testing the microphones at the radio station he worked at.



“Hack crush” – What Scott “Rocks in the sink mothafuckin” Murphy revealed he had on some female celebrities, somewhere around Episode 10. Often used to describe bland or predictable taste in something ever since.

“Henry Hill” – Famous gangster who’s life was portrayed in the film “Goodfellas,” who bears a striking resemblance to the boys’ good-for-nothing landlord.

“Henry Hill’s carpentry” – Often referenced when the boys elaborate on some new problem with their apartment, which is in a constant state of dismay/disrepair.

Honey badger – From the famous Youtube clip/”Randall’s Animals,” a favorite of Polish Brandon’s. (“_______ is pretty badass,” in the ‘Randall’ voice.)

HOW!!” – A call used by Trapper Joe in the History Channel series “Swamp People,” a favorite show and favorite expression of Polish Brandon’s. (See also: “Tommy! Stop fishin my lines!”) Often preceded by the phrase, also begot from Trapper Joe: “Dere go that son of a gun right there…”






Jackie – Pronounced as “Jee-ackie” due to Polish Brandon’s unavoidable WNY accent, she dated PB on and off for the better part of a decade, and all through high school. She’s known for her hard partying and uncompromising attitude, and is a central figure in many of Polish Brandon’s Buffalo/hs stories.

JNBWIS –  “John Nigger Boyle, What I Suck,” a bizarre acronym which Polish Brandon came up with one day at work to describe one of his bosses.

Jill – Ex-gf of Uncle Luke, who lived in LA for a time. Childhood friend of Polish Brandon and long time friend of Jee-ackie’s, also owner of “All Gussied Up” pet salon in Buffalo.

Judy – Polish Brandon’s mom, often referred to in Uncle Luke’s impression of his father, Bob. (See “Bob Dzingielewski”)





“Learn about LOSS.” – A favorite quote and Nick Nolte impression of Uncle Luke, from the film “Cape Fear.”

Luke’s Angels – Nickname given to the myriad of women Uncle Luke is ashamed to admit he’s slept with, or that he hides from the public. Usually met off an online dating site, most notably Plenty Of Fish. (“Easy E,” “the Slob,” “the Old Lady,” “the Big ‘Un,” “Ogre,” “Cafeteria Lady,” “Cranberry Juice,” “Goth Talk,” “the One Brandon Hates,” “Tim Curry,” “the Tall One,” etc.)

Stan Lee – Founder and creator of Marvel Comics, whom Uncle Luke is fond of impersonating, known for ending most sentences with “Mah-vel faaaans,” and having an “EXTRA powerrr.”

“Lookin GOOD!” – Completely random line Christopher Walken shouts from “At Close Range,” which the boys obsessed over to the point of naming the entire show after it.



Masha – an ex-coworker who is fodder for the show, also known as Gumball head and M-Dog

Mike – a guest who occasionally walks through episodes, also known as Big Mike, Relatively Large Mike, Large Mike

Mike Natty – Smokes a big fatty.

Milkers – large tits.

Meccos – Spanish for “cum”



Naval tits; an ex-coworker whose breasts hung down to her naval, also known as Belly button tits

NERDS – a phrase shouted by Ogre in the film “Revenge of the Nerds,” a favorite of Scott Murphy and Polish Brandon.

Nick Nolte – Favorite actor & impression of Uncle Luke’s, fond of yelling random lines of his from “Cape Fear” and “The Thin Red Line,” among others. (See: Episode 9)

NO SINGLES.” – Another strange customer from Pinz, who responded dramatically when asked if he “needed singles” when Uncle Luke broke the fellow’s $20.

Niggerrr” – Most commonly known as one of the standard racial epithets, this is in reference to the famous clip of Kiefer Sutherland on “Inside The Actor’s Studio,” when asked what ‘his least favorite word’ was. The boys still have not gotten over that one.



Ogre – Kind nickname Polish Brandon gave to one of Uncle Luke’s less attractive Plenty of Fish dates/fuck buddies.



“Palm the tip” – Method of masturbating where the tip of the penis is turned in circles by the masterbater’s palm, something Polish Brandon does not do

“Peace.” – A writer’s crutch Polish Brandon used in his screenwriting efforts. It was called attention to by Uncle Luke, and apparently “ended Brandon’s writing career” because of it.

Piccalos – Family from Depew the boys grew up with; source of many stories, mostly due to the fact they were always surrounded by hot girls that wanted nothing to do with either of the hosts of this podcast.

Pimple beard – Style of acne Polish Brandon is fond of referring to, which describes a case of acne so thick and in such a place that it would take the placeof where a beard would grow.

Pink Fountain – A well-known “romance hole” motel in Depew NY, which still stands to this day. It is run by some of the only Arab’s in a 500 mile radius of it, and is often referenced by Polish Brandon who grew up right next door. (See: Episode 12)

Jesse Pinkman – Character on the hit show Breaking Bad that Uncle Luke sometimes impersonates, usually by ending every sentiment with “bitch” or “Mr White.”

Pinz – A popular bowling alley in Studio City where Polish Brandon works and manages, and Uncle Luke is an employee of on Saturdays only. The source of many stories, characters, and angry diatribes on the show.

Plenty of Fish – Popular online dating site, which has lead to many random misadventures (sexual and otherwise) and lousy dates for Uncle Luke.

Pre-cum – The release of pre -seminal fluids prior to actual orgasm, a phenomenon that mystifies Polish Brandon. (See: Episode 7)



Quinten – Quinten Aaron, star of the film “The Blind Side,” who appeared in one of Uncle Luke’s Weirdfellas skits. (“The Blind Side, Part Deux”) He is loosely associated with the boys through the bowling alley, and is a pal of theirs, for all intents and purposes. His younger brother Jared is also a sometimes sketch comedy collaborator, appearing in the Weirdfellas sketch “Pee Shy.”




Reservoir Dogs – Tarantino film from the early 90s, responsible for 90% of the references on the show. (And Luke’s lousy Harvey Keitel impression)

Really handsome guy – A phrase uttered by Polish Brandon at his most drunken episode ever, which has become quite oft-quoted by the boys since. (See Episode 43)

Rob Base – Close friend of Polish Brandon & Scott Murphy; a character in many tales on the show.

Road House – Cult classic 80s brawler flick starring Patrick Swayze. Another source for many show references.

Rocks in the sink – 1. phrase that describes a rich person’s bathroom, most wealthy people have rocks in their sink. 2. Colloquial for someone who is doing well, see Scott Murphy

Romance boner – an erection that occurs when a male is in close proximity to an attractive female when embracing. (See also “Date boner.”)

Rusty – Long time listener and contributor, close friend of Uncle Luke’s from Buffalo. Polish Brandon erroneously claims he had a pimple beard when he was a kid.



Scott Murphy – Close friend and usual guest of the boys, known also as “Rocks in the sick mothafuckin’,” and “Married Scott.”

Shithouse full – Another catch phrase used by Polish Brandon, meaning a “large amount of something.”

Shit housed – Drunk, see also “Polish Brandon,” see also “Tuesday.”

Slob, the – Uncle Luke’s go-to chick for sex, and his longest fuck buddy to date. The nickname was borrowed from Andrew Dice Clay, which is a term he gives to certain women that he bangs.

“Space Peace” – Horrendous screenplay idea that a former classmate of Polish Brandon’s tried to get him to collaborate on. (“It’s like Star Wars meets Cheech & Chong.”)

Speaking of /Speaking of  Segue- An unoriginal segue that proves unintelligence and an inability to move stories along, see “Finish the story.”



T-Bone – Long time listener and childhood friend of Uncle Luke, referenced in stories. (See Episode 29 in the archive)

T-Lish, aka Tim Silikowski – Childhood friend of Polish Brandon’s, shared many adventures together as youths and is a name associated with some stories on the show.

Tony Lian – Brandon’s former roommate of many years; a fellow of odd habits with many issues. (Also famous for coming to visit with his old, grisled father one fateful week) See also: “Black Trans Am.”


ULC – United Losers Coalition, nickname for Uncle Luke’s crew in high school.






Weirdfellas – Uncle Luke’s production company/sketch comedy group. Also the title of his Funny or Die.com page.



XS Camera – Small father/son owned camera rental house that Uncle Luke is in charge of. Source of many stories, references, and complaints of the show.






Zeppelin Bridge – Famous viaduct/railroad overpass in Depew NY, source and setting of many of Polish Brandon’s stories from his youth.