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Live From The 405, Forty Two

June 29, 2016 1 Comment


Cherry bombs. 17hr day. Saturday Night Uber. Documentary/movie round up: Tickled. (And some mafia thing on Netflix) Adventures in women.

Liquor License, 44

June 28, 2016 No Comments


Special solo dolo podcast for dat ass. Needed to talk movies, losing my wallet, and your typical ramblings. Do something nice for someone. I smelled a man that stink like meat. Like us on iTunes with a 5 star review (don’t be a Treeman).

Liquor License, 43

June 25, 2016 No Comments


Piss is back from college and has some stories to tell. I guess I’m old since it’s too hard to say beer pong it’s just called BP now. The heat is making me sweat til I bleed. Upcoming funeral and ceremony for the texting/saying of “mmmmm”. Again go to H2OPs.com to order some delicious hop water (my read sucked) and say you heard about them on this podcast, thanks sweeties.

Live From The 405, Forty One

June 22, 2016 No Comments

Im smart

I lament the loss of 40 mins of show, due to a sketchy SD fucking card. The Ghosts N Shit Web Show Show competition. Poltergeist II. Documentaries. Whoppers, Day 3 shoot.

Liquor License 42

June 17, 2016 No Comments


Frank Merino; DJ, actor, writer, and Benecio del Toro look a like comes by. We discuss green cards actually being pink, living in Peru as opposed to Thousand Oaks. Bboy lifestyle, Dj contests and graffiti. Acting methods. Celebs that are cool and some that are dicks. Racial issues are funny. Music by Frank. Episode sponsored by H2OPs.

Live From The 405, Forty

June 15, 2016 No Comments

Capt Scotty

Cold showers. The Playboy Mansion. Whoppers Day 2 Weirdfellas shoot. Orlando shoot. The Lobster. Ali. Adam Carolla at the Ice House. Save It For The Show. Bear Vs Shark.

Liquor License 41

June 12, 2016 No Comments


In a much needed episode (sarcasm). It’s a sober Polish Brandon, ironically when the show is called Liquor License. But I’m keeping the name. Political talk, gun control, 5ks, embarrassing story of the week. It’s not one of my best but it’s not one of my worst, so why not take a listen and see for yourself.

Live From The 405, Thirty Nine

June 8, 2016 No Comments


Thanksgiving, 2016. My childhood sucked. Weirdfellas/Whoppers/Funny Or Die shoot this weekend. Buffalo Bills 30 for 30, and Shane Conlan’s cock. Tron 2. Charlie Wilsons War. Couch seating. Star Wars: Rogue One.

Liquor License, 40

June 3, 2016 No Comments


“Well not a first but the attempt at doing this show got fucked up. So i redid it from the office (patio). Then spent 2 hours trying to upload it. If I repeat myself I’m sorry, you try talking for 3 hours straight, bitches.”

Live From The 405, Thirty Eight

June 2, 2016 No Comments


Directing stuff. Balboa Park nature attack. Punk Rock Chick debacle. Jim Norton. Wacky Memorial Day weekend. Quinn film shoot. Anthony Weiner documentary. Obama in Japan. (I think that’s most of it)