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Lookin GOOD Episode 211

December 25, 2015 No Comments

LGR 211

LGR 4th Annual Christmas episode. We open presents, talk about current events, and other shenanigans.

Liquor License 16

December 18, 2015 No Comments


“Homegirl problems. This time I treat Treeman to a very Brandon Weds. People will bitch about anything. Gay guy argument.”

Live From The 405, Twelve

December 17, 2015 No Comments


Date week. Greg Fitzsimmons 500th episode at the Comedy Store. Connor McGregor UFC fight. 2 minute fart. The Studio City LA Fitness. A guy that banged Madonna once in the 80s. The Janis Joplin/Nikki Minaj paradox. The politics of Christmas. I hate everything about the new Ghostbusters remake.

Live From The 405, 11

December 10, 2015 No Comments


Drinking at the Overlook Hotel (basically) Adam Carolla in Fresno, and Army Base Girl. I still hate classic rock, and the AC/DC Pandora station. Wyatt Earp trivia. Bad dreams. Shot down by my favorite porn star. The Bernstein Bears paradox. Batman V Superman is gay.

Liquor License, 15

December 9, 2015 No Comments


“Bum fights. Scott Weiland. People on the roll boards. Driving in the snow. A very Tree Man Wednesday. Embarrassing stories.”

Live From The 405, Ten

December 2, 2015 No Comments


I hate Christmas music. I hate the 80s. Tough times for the 305 Kid. Thanksgiving in Florida. Xanax. I hate Miami. I hate foreigners. I hate the Star Wars prequels. Lee Harvey Oswald.

Liquor License Episode 14

December 2, 2015 No Comments


“Rheumatism and Slavery. Brandon’s hackiest bit since Gay Bar or Steak House. How funny is Luke’s ‘Nate Ayyyydams.’ Happy Thanksgiving, bitches.”