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Lookin GOOD Episode 206

August 26, 2015 No Comments


This Weak In Comedy. The (latest) Black Chick. Scott Rocks In The Sink Motherfuckin Murphy’s birthday party on Saturday. Uncle Luke’s scary tummy ache. Man From UNCLE. Screenwriting talk. Polish Brandon hates the Goonies. Moving plans/bickering.

Lookin GOOD Episode 205

August 20, 2015 1 Comment


More like Greg SHITZsimmons. The Oppressive Onion. Air Conditioning. Tree Man’s Bachelor Party, and Uncle Luke’s crazy Sunday (into Monday). Uncle Luke does a spot in an all black jazz club, and it does not go well. Dunkin Donuts. The Roots vs Outkast.

Lookin GOOD Episode 204

August 13, 2015 No Comments


This Week In Comedy. Straight Outta Compton. Mission Impossible 5. The Emasculation Of Polish Brandon. Handful talk.

Lookin GOOD Episode 203

August 6, 2015 No Comments


Credere is a black guy. He’s our guest this week. We used to hang out with him back in the day, haven’t seen him in years. We catch up & bullshit about a myriad of topics.