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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Lookin GOOD Episode 202

July 30, 2015 No Comments


Polish Brandon recounts his Florida to NY road trip with his father. Uncle Luke’s Sunday beach adventure, Say Anything show, and Slob woes. Fuck Raging Bull. Uncle Luke invades the Hannibal Burress writers offices at Paramount Studios.

Lookin GOOD Episode 201

July 22, 2015 No Comments


Uncle Luke rocks a solo show as the vacationing Polish Brandon is out of town. The fellow talks about a myriad of topics, but spends a good amount of time on the new Judd Apatow movie Trainwreck, and also Ant Man. He also gets into the upcoming X Men movie, 90s comic books, and a somewhat ill-fated trip to the Comedy Store with Tom The Tree Man.

Lookin GOOD Episode 200

July 16, 2015 No Comments


On this momentous bicentennial episode, that young Scott Rocks In The Sink Motherfuckin Murphy joins us poolside at Scott’s Holiday Haven. The boys reflect on episodes of yore. Polish Brandon gets his phone stolen. Uncle Luke has an unexpected Saturday night tryst. Uncle Luke reviews the movie “Dope,” and the boys talk about the 90s, the golden era of hip hop. Few other things. 200 episodes, thanks for sticking around everybody.

Lookin GOOD Episode 199

July 9, 2015 No Comments


The boys get into their 4th of July parties. Uncle Luke recaps his trip to Buffalo.

Lookin GOOD Episode 198

July 1, 2015 No Comments


Uncle Luke sees Mad Max again. The boys talk about the Weirdfellas/Stan Lee shoot from the weekend. Girls with tattoos. Power outage at Pinz. Murph’s house. Inclusion. Fight. (This episode fucking blows.)