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Lookin GOOD Episode 197

June 27, 2015 No Comments


Uncle Luke, fresh from the Ice House. Fuckin rat…wearin me thin. Weirdfellas pre production woes. Favis. Brandons angels. Spikes on truck tires. Uncle Lukes looming 4th of July Buffalo trip, and his recent work on the Adam Carolla crew. Sonny Carolla. Scotts house. Marc Maron Obama interview. Sesh.

Lookin GOOD Episode 196

June 18, 2015 No Comments


LGR Studios is rat-infested and in pre production to move to a new location. This Week In Comedy. Adam Carolla shit. Women trouble. Love & Mercy review. Pearl Jam Vs U2. Adventures In The Script Trade. Interns.

Lookin GOOD Episode 195

June 11, 2015 No Comments

rat boy

“Fuckin RAT is wearin me thin.” Uncle Luke talks about a recent Funny Or Die shoot. Polish Brandon’s Asian -5. This Weak In Comedy. Entourage movie review. Jon Berenthal is the Punisher on Daredevil. Polish Brandon’s car is standing tall before the man. Uber tales. Twitter.

Lookin GOOD Episode 194

June 4, 2015 No Comments


This Week In Comedy, Uncle Luke’s stupid creative process/emotional turnaround since Episode 193. Polish Brandon still can’t take care of business with his Angel. Mad Max Fury Road. The boys hang out at Dude/Boges music video shoot, and Uncle Luke acts a damn fool.