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Lookin GOOD Episode 193

May 28, 2015 No Comments

psychpsychpsych psychiatry-couch2

Dreams. Uncle Luke’s unfortunate and inexplicable case of stinky dick. (Lot of dick problems on the show lately) Women problems and pitifully self indulgent just about fill out the rest of the show. Hopefully you’re not driving near a cliff, or on a sailboat where there’s rope and free weights.

Lookin GOOD Episode 192

May 21, 2015 No Comments


More Polish Brandon POF shenanigans/pre production. Uncle Luke’s lousy chemistry. The boys need a break from Los Angeles. Brandon’s dad is a complicated man. Uncle Luke reviews the latest Drake album and Mad Max Fury Road. Random ramblings.


*If you want to see Uncle Luke’s disastrous Kill Tony appearance they talked about in the previous episode, here’s the link to it (about 22 mins in) 

Lookin GOOD Episode 191 (Part 2)

May 17, 2015 No Comments


Polish Brandon’s faux(?) bumpy cock. Uncle Luke gets his soul crushed on the Kill Tony Podcast/live show. Anthony from O&A gives Weirdfellas a nice bump. Uncle Luke’s potential work tribulations and Buffalo summer. Harry Shearer/Simpsons cast. He Man.

Lookin GOOD Episode 191 (Part 1)

May 14, 2015 No Comments


Our Zoom inexplicably shut off 22 mins into this episode, we lost 45 minutes of fucking talk and fucked the whole thing up. Uncle Luke had a week of extreme highs and lows, Brandon did things, they had a lot to talk about. We are going to call this “part 1,” regroup, and do a more committed part 2 in a few days to wrap up the rest. (Sorry, this new Zoom is only a few months old, still learning the quirks of it)

Lookin GOOD Episode 190

May 7, 2015 No Comments


No guests, shocker. Polish Brandon’s employment woes. Uncle Luke & Polish Brandon go to see Arnold Schwarzenegger at a Late Show taping, then go to El Compadre and eat way too many chicken sizzlers. The boys review Ex Machina and Avengers 2. Polish Brandon’s foreign affair. Pacquiao & Mayweather fight, and Uncle Luke’s shitty Uber Saturday night. Mangria/Adam Carolla spots. Mother’s day.