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Lookin GOOD Episode 115

November 26, 2013 No Comments

In possibly the most Frankenstein’d together episode in LGR history, RJ makes a cameo appearance in the first 3 minutes. Then, after a series of SD card foul up’s, we piece the show together across another 2 days of recording, and a multitude of further SD card snafu’s. (dude/Boges has the good card still, that’s why) We haven’t had a fuck up like this since we first got the goddamn Zoom recorder, this is just ridiculous. Sorry, everybody. And bigger “sorry” to Arj, who was out here on vacation and a big LGR fan. Lost his whole appearance.

Lookin GOOD Episode 114

November 12, 2013 1 Comment

Uncle Luke’s boss likes to smoke. Luke’s Angels New Recruits are some tough prospects. Dane Cook. Cross Colors, and school shopping way back when. Polish Brandon’s recycling adventures. Whitsett ave noise pollution. Retards.

Lookin GOOD Episode 113

November 6, 2013 No Comments

Blahyi has said he led his troops naked except for shoes and a gun. He believed that his nakedness was a source of protection from bullets.[8] Blahyi now claims he would regularly sacrifice a victim before battle, saying, “Usually it was a small child, someone whose fresh blood would satisfy the devil.”[1] He explained to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: “Sometimes I would enter under the water where children were playing. I would dive under the water, grab one, carry him under and break his neck. Sometimes I’d cause accidents. Sometimes I’d just slaughter them.”[9] In January 2008 Blahyi confessed to taking part in human sacrifices which “included the killing of an innocent child and plucking out the heart, which was divided into pieces for us to eat.”[10]

Lookin GOOD Episode 112

November 4, 2013 No Comments

Henry Hill’s insulation. Commercials. Walking Dead. Time Warner issues.Snake Salvation. Kelly the Bartender’s Halloween partyaow. Luke’s Angels 2: The New Recruits. Tree Man’s birthday. Gay Batman pick up shots/Uncle Luke fucked UP. The smell of freedom. Parent shit.