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Lookin GOOD Episode 103

August 26, 2013 No Comments

Polish Brandon couldn’t give a care about the new Batman casting. Punisher TV show. Polish Banksy. Uncle Luke’s high school revenge. Young Polish Brandon’s hot police escape. The Infamous Depew Streaker of 1997. Uncle Luke’s upcoming skits/pre production. Polish Brandon’s buddhist misadventure. Simple people. Shorts drama. Polish Brandon has hang-y balls. Eyehategod. Uncle Luke’s first time.

Lookin GOOD Episode 102

August 23, 2013 No Comments

(“Competitive Rob Base,” in action.)

Danimal’s dog. The slob healed Uncle Luke’s sore back. Elysium. Polish Brandon hates ‘cheat days.’ I like dude. Kevin Pollak finale/hoax. Young taste buds. Polish Brandon goes camping, and has a Competitive Rob Base encounter. Bang Bros and Captain Stabbin. Sneaker Heads. That guy sounds hot.

Lookin GOOD Episode 101

August 16, 2013 1 Comment

With Rob Joyce, a big LGR proponent. (See?? Dreams DO come true!)

In the longest episode of Lookin Good Radio history (it’s almost 3hrs), the boys spend most of the time breaking down Uncle Luke’s emotional journey back to his fabled hometown of Buffalo for Matt “T Bone” Zeisz’s wedding. They get into the hardships of being bi-coastal, the exes, the pals, the fam, all that kind of bullshit. Jorge the plumber comes to fix the sink, and Danimal’s pug is all up in the mix, chewing on squeaky toys and shit. This is an epic episode, get into it, pussies.

Lookin GOOD Episode 100

August 5, 2013 No Comments

“Just think, nobody thought this would last.” (Michael Jackson) Scott Rocks In The Sink Murphy joins this momentous occasion, our 100th episode. The boys re cap some of the their favorite shows and favorite moments, and get into a myriad of other fascinating & titillating topics. Just listen to the fuckin thing.