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Lookin GOOD Episode 94

June 25, 2013 No Comments

The Vegas Episode! Polish Brandon expounds upon his previous, miserable work-related and other trips to Las Vegas, as he’s about to embark on a new one this week. Uncle Luke shares a story or two as well. You know what I mean? Uncle Luke’s World War Z review, and continuing frustration with celebrities he’s had to deal with. The boys get into their trip to Saddle Ranch in Universal City the night previous. You know what I mean?

Lookin GOOD Episode 93

June 18, 2013 2 Comments

(Distinguished gentlemen, outside a 7-11)

The boys go mobile in their old stomping grounds of Van Nuys, in the neighborhood they used to have “nice nights” in. Uncle Luke has a busy week in the bedroom. Polish Brandon describes the surprising amount of places he’s had public sex in said area, and is slowly making progress in his myriad of health issues. Uncle Luke’s Man Of Steel review, and his self-criticism for “eating 2 protein bars in one day.” The buys run into local rapper and urban music critic Danny Diamond on the streets, and have a brief chat about late 90s – present day hip hop.

Lookin GOOD Episode 92

June 11, 2013 No Comments

In a series first, Uncle Luke & Polish Brandon go mobile with wireless mics, and walk around the fabulous back streets of Valley Village, CA. Uncle Luke adds a new angel to his catalogue, and gets drunk against his will. Polish Brandon has a helluva time working the gay pride fest in West Hollywood for his league bowlers. (Yeah, right) He also wheels & deals with the 7-11 clerk after he realizes there’s not enough money on his credit card to pay for beer & snacks. Mysterious Joe Pesci. Uncle Luke likes girls’ butts at Runyon Canyon. Polish Brandon has hat issues.

Lookin GOOD Episode 91

June 5, 2013 1 Comment

Danny Thomas likes the Pittsburgh platter; Chels does not. Teeth drives Polish Brandon crazy. The boys talk about the latest Weirdfellas shoot. Michael Douglas got cancer in his jaawww, from eating pussy. Spicy Thai food. Polish Brandon doesn’t like to walk near children. Sex talk. Too many shows about gold. Uncle Luke has issues with LA women.