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Lookin GOOD Episode 86

April 29, 2013 1 Comment

(Shervin, enjoying some hot chocolate. “That’s some good EADIN.”)

The boys get into their Saturday night of taking a party bus around the city, and the staggering amount of alcohol the 24 members of the party consumed. They discover that Sarah was off-limits, and that it was a bad idea to bring Kelly. Polish Brandon shares his frustrations as the quasi-chaperone of the event, and Uncle Luke is mortified beyond comprehension at his drunken buffoonery.

Episode 85

April 23, 2013 1 Comment

The boys get into their offbeat round of golf the day previous, and another round of hard drinking from that Saturday. Brad Pitt argument. Fish tanks. Uncle Luke has another wonderful POF date that just goes swimmingly; he also recounts a tale of giving a complete stranger oral that he met off the internet, just to “prove that he could.” Tom Size-no-more. The Surgeon General. Teacher/student temptations. Black chicks.

Lookin GOOD Episode 84

April 17, 2013 2 Comments

(Scotty gets the high hat from Sizemore)

Uncle Luke turns 34 years young. Polish Brandon goes to another Rob Base kegger, and Uncle Luke gets stood up by a hot babe. The crew goes to see Tom Sizemore Friday night, and Uncle Luke slowly attaches himself to a Hollywood rocket ship. Polish Brandon’s ongoing medical issues. The Brotherhood Of The Traveling Leather Jacket. Polish Brandon and his chick get the worst customer service imaginable at Staples. (More like “Rape-les”) The Boston Marathon bombings.

Lookin GOOD Episode 83

April 10, 2013 No Comments

Polish Brandon has a helluva time backing Luke’s car into Henry Hill’s Parking Garage; he also elaborates about his potential anxiety disorder, and turns into a sort of Polish Woody Allen. (Only less funny) The boys had another rough Saturday night at the ol’ Rainbow Room on Sunset Blvd. They also hash out ideas for a possible 3 bedroom apt with Bokes, which could be the most Depew residents living together west of the Mason-Dixon line in the entire country, if it happens. (Dreams DO come true!) There’s an upcoming 3-person birthday celebration at the end of April! $2.35 for a Gatorade sends Polish Brandon into a tizzy.

April 4, 2013 No Comments

From fabulous Teeth Studios in beautiful downtown Burbank CA, we have good pal and show regular Scott “Rocks In the Sink Mothafuckin” Murphy. Uncle Luke has a Big Mac that destroys his entire week. Polish Brandon has a provocative sex dream about Brittany Spears. Scotty loves Neil Diamond/Young. Fuck your face, Im too tired and it’s too late to give a more proper description. “Just eat the fuckin thing….”