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The Liquor License, Episode 2

March 29, 2013 No Comments

(Polish Brandon, in the “Quiz Kid Donnie Smith” table, Foxfire in North Hollywood)

Polish Brandon does another 30 minutes on his observations and implications of drinking and various types of alcohol.

Lookin GOOD Episode 81

March 26, 2013 1 Comment

(Polish Brandon gets very hands-on as a golf teacher)

Uncle Luke has an apt laundry room moral conundrum, and elaborates on a rough week of work. Polish Brandon wants to know what happiness means, and tells us about a particularly annoying customer at his work. Rob Base party drama. Uncle Luke loses another Angel, thanks to the show and his big mouth. Polish Brandon has to deal with Uncle’s shenanigans at work, and tries to find out if Uncle Luke is considered “a best friend,” and what the criteria is for such. Uncle Luke’s sneeze shy-ness is getting worse. Polish Brandon’s citizen’s arrest adventure with Quinn, of the Montana Quinn’s, and observations on the Los Angeles homeless populace.

Lookin GOOD Episode 80

March 19, 2013 No Comments

Rare shot of Polish Brandon drinking “not beer.” (It’s diet Coke; and at a BAR, no less.)

Uncle Luke contemplates paying a potential film editor with weed to do his project. More adventures with “The Slob,” Luke’s Angel. Polish Brandon talks about his old bitchin’ Buffalo bass-mobile, and what a sound investment it was. Tales of Uncle Luke’s Odd Brother. Polish Brandon’s “family phone press tour.” Uncle Luke’s production pressures. Polish Brandon’s lousy celebrity encounters and the boys mutual disgust with LA assholes. Polish Brandon’s theological inflections, and his worry of “going to hell” when he dies. (Because he shoplifted) Burt Wonderstone stinks. Uncle Luke drives all the way to Orange County, just to miss the band he went to see.

(Sorry, we run a bit long on this episode.)

Lookin GOOD Episode 79

March 12, 2013 1 Comment

The boys love Itunes comments/feedback. And they’re tired of comics/rich people asking for money for their podcasts. “All Canadian rock artists sound the same.” Black and Armenian men take themselves more seriously than any other race, the boys deduce. Polish Brandon does not appreciate teams changing their jerseys; Uncle Luke does not like variant comic book covers. Breakdown of the Star Wars/Funny Or Die/Weirdfellas re-shoot. Re-cap of the crew in effect at Rainbow Room on Sunset from the Saturday prior. Uncle Luke breaks down the “fuck buddy” process. “Ropes” discussion. Polish Brandon feeds adorable animals at the zoo. Uncle Luke gets to write for/possibly work with one of his comedy heroes. Kevin Smith is a fat guy in person.

Lookin GOOD Episode 78

March 6, 2013 No Comments

From fabulous Teeth Studios, in beautiful downtown Burbank, Ca: Quinn is a flakey fellow. Uncle Luke goes to the set of a Taylor Swift video, and gets catty. Tom the Tree Man is afraid of us. Polish Brandon is disturbed by body mods & full sleeves. Shitty Yoda, and lousy Grauman’s theater characters. Young Polish Brandon’s Buffalo drug dealer adventure. Violent 80s high school movies. Uncle Luke’s ex co worker rages. Tube socks and more Tony/ex-roommate stories. Polish Brandon’s stupid collections as a child, and his father’s drunken, tearful funeral playlist request. (Special Guest, Eric “Road Dog” Hall)