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Lookin GOOD Episode 77

February 27, 2013 1 Comment

This action packed episode begins with Polish Brandon opening a package of wrestling trading cards. Polish Brandon has an idea: listeners basically vote on how awesome we are. Luke’s Angels Saga, Part 3. (“Fargo”) Uncle Luke elaborates on the phenomenon of “SBH: Shallow Butt Holes.” The boys give their thoughts on Kevin Smith and his Smod universe, get into a brief Oscar wrap up, and discuss their experience on the LA public access show “Battlecams.” Polish Brandon’s misbegotten Bahamas vacation gift to his parents. California’s weed culture. Scriptwriting and grammar in the 21st century. Talking Dead.

The Liquor License, Episode 1

February 24, 2013 No Comments

Message in a bottle

Polish Brandon stars in his own spin off min-podcast, where he discusses the properties, principles, and pitfalls of various types of booze. It also serves as an outlet for his hopeless, rampant, and incessant alcoholism.

Lookin GOOD Episode 76

February 20, 2013 1 Comment

(Keith “The Teeth” Christensen, Producer Extraordinaire)

From fabulous Teeth Studios in downtown Burbank CA, we have the wonderful regular Scott “Rocks In The Sink Muthafuckin Murphy” and the inimitable “Big Sack” Mack, Jerry’s waiter, actor, and co host of the fantastic 3rd String All Stars sports podcast. For this fascinating episode, Uncle Luke comes damn close to having a liaison with one of his favorite adult film actresses, recent guest of the show “Friday.” ‘Competitive Rob’ is back in the news. Polish Brandon’s Tax Minute. Scott Murphs gives his brief account of the Tom Sizemore shoot. Polish Brandon’s spa & tanning misadventure. Hot Snakes. Actors that are in bands.

Lookin GOOD Episode 75

February 14, 2013 1 Comment

Full Stacks 8Plates makes an appearance at the start of the show, to relay his most recent gym adventure. Polish Brandon vows to give up drinking for 40 days, for Lent. (I’ll give you a moment to wipe the tears from laughter out of your eyes) Uncle Luke’s new “Angel” gets her wings clipped. LADWP are crooked fucks. The boys get into their Funny Or Die/Weirdfellas shoot with Tom Sizemore and Kirk Fox. Uncle Luke talks about his eccentric co worker, “Creepy Fabi.”

Lookin GOOD Episode 74

February 5, 2013 1 Comment

(Polish Brandon’s ripped hipster jeans from the ice rink debacle)

Polish Brandon tries some new beers, as a promo for his upcoming spinoff podcast “The Liquor License.” The boys get into their Super Bowl party from the day before. Leather hats. Brandon rips his pants unbelievably bad in front of an entire ice skating rink. Uncle Luke has a miserable time talking to chicks at a UCLA mixer. Polish Brandon’s “Tales Of An Amateur Barber.” The boys discuss potential karate lessons for themselves. More embarrassing stories from Brandon’s childhood.