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Lookin GOOD Episode 73: Thank God It’s Friday

January 29, 2013 7 Comments

From fabulous Teeth Studios in Burbank CA, we have special guests “Crazy” Corrine Irizarry and adult film star “Friday,” one of Uncle Luke’s all time favorites. Between himself, Polish Brandon, and the two guests, the discussions hold on topic about as long as Oliver Stone holds on a shot in one of his films. They discuss a myriad of topics, including: Evan Stone & Ron Jeremy, Corrine’s $35k offer, Friday being beat up by a homeless man in the subway, Friday and Corrine beating up homeless people, their strange non-lesbian relationship, Uncle Luke’s badly conceived (and executed) “Adele winning an award” impression, doing hallucinogenics, and about 75 black penis jokes/references.

Lookin GOOD Episode 72

January 22, 2013 1 Comment

Nick the Dick, much maligned guest way back on Episode 4, gets in big trouble thanks to his appearance on LGR. Polish Brandon has another adventure in the “Bro-dega” at the corner. Uncle Luke’s last surviving grandparent dies at 92. The boys worry that Tony, Brandon’s infamous former roommate/endless well of stories & references for the show, listens to LGR. Black Tiff is usurping Polish Brandon’s desk space at work. Another “Luke’s Angels” breakdown. Brandon goes to the bathroom, and throws Uncle Luke into a complete intellectual and creative conundrum for about 3.5 minutes. Brandon has issues with his sports podcast (3rd String All Stars). Brian Blueberry.

Lookin GOOD Episode 71

January 14, 2013 1 Comment

Uncle Luke is having more dating site/girl issues, and gets stood up. Again. He also questions the $1.09 price for a Snickers at the gas station, and talks about his Runyon Canyon adventure. Polish Brandon takes a stand against Affirmative Eeaction. The boys proceed to get into drunken, pointless, meandering conversations/arguments about the following: If Mexicans or other countries went into space, which Oliver Stone movie was more impacting, mall hot pretzels, and whether or not Shannon Hasauer was actually hot in high school. (I wish I was kidding about all that; sadly, I am not.)

Lookin GOOD Episode 70

January 8, 2013 No Comments

(Polish Brandon, stuntin’ at the Rainbow Room on Sunset blvd. )

Drunken, Polish Brandon has a theory that there’s a problem between Uncle Luke & Keith The Teeth, which is keeping them from the KTLA studio. The boys spend the first 20 minutes investigating/arguing about proposed theory. Polish Brandon makes it quite clear he’s had it with customers casually cursing at him. Uncle Luke was a strange and illogical child. Polish Brandon should have been a math major. Uncle Luke gets shot down on a movie date. The boys went to the Rainbow Room on Sunset, and they discuss the idiosyncracies and foibles of that establishment.

Lookin GOOD Episode 69: Happy New Year 2013!

January 2, 2013 3 Comments

The infamous “Bro-dega” of Valley Village.

It’s New Years Day, 2013. The boys get into their respective new year’s celebrations, or lack thereof. Uncle Luke gets his hand on “the Ol Lady,” a new “Angel.” Shopping cart issues at the apt. Depew/Lancaster Boys Club stories. Polish Brandon was a young local commercial star. Year end movie lists.