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Lookin GOOD Episode 68 (The Christmas Episode, ’12)

December 25, 2012 1 Comment

The boys open their gifts; worst Star Wars shirt ever.

Quinn of “the Montana Quinn’s” joins the pogrom for a special Christmas Eve episode. The boys open gifts from each other and their fam’s, whilst drinking some of Adam Carolla’s “Mangria” wine. Uncle Luke admits to having terrible, drunken, sexual intercourse with a fat chick that looked like a cafeteria lady. More tales from the “Bro-dega” at the corner. “My Baby Gotta Sleep,” the movie. Polish Brandon’s short lived DJ days and freestyle rap career. Quinn’s interesting father. Tarantino and Christmas releases, 2012.

Lookin GOOD, Episode 67

December 19, 2012 No Comments

Polish Brandon describes the expert diagnosis his outstanding doctor gave him for his heart palpitations. Uncle Luke hates chicken and waffles, and gets a wonderful early Christmas present from Polish Brandon. He also gets into Brandon Klubek and himself spending AC/DC dollars in the school cafeteria in 6th grade. Bukowicki made Polish Brandon his BEEITCH in 6th grade. Slob issues. Uncle Luke proposes a potential and controversial answer to the recent school shootings.

Lookin GOOD Episode 66

December 9, 2012 No Comments

Scott Rocks In the Sink joins the pogrom from fabulous Teeth Studios, Burbank, CA. Polish Brandon sees Life Of Pi, and tells of a mysterious case of prolonged heart palpitations. Uncle Luke has a bad case of “the acronym’s.” Scotty sure can drink. Uncle Luke chats up a bird, and f’s it all up. Re-cap of last weekend’s festivities at the Griffin, with Nervous Marc. Breakfast bagels, and Mrs. Kendzora. John Pagones, and Big Wang’s.

Lookin GOOD Episode 65

December 4, 2012 No Comments

Polish Brandon & Cheese’s Disneyland adventure. Don’t eat McDonald’s before you work out. Mud runs. Nervous Marc shows up. Polish Brandon “tales of drinking on the job.” Self destructive Striker/Tales From Drai’s. (Too busy/lazy to get an intro this week, sorry folks.)