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Lookin GOOD, Episode 64

November 28, 2012 No Comments

Polish Brandon has a run-in with a public puker, and another with an insane bitch at the car wash down the street. (At the car wash, yeah) Uncle Luke re-ignites an old Plenty of Fish flame, and is quite uneasy about it. T-Bone was “the fart collector” once. (God, I hope he hears this episode) Farting in your sleep next to a stranger. Uncle Luke is worried about his drinking, and his post-gym rages. Young Polish Brandon’s confusing and slightly gay beat mag experience.

Lookin GOOD Episode 63 (The Thanksgiving episode)

November 21, 2012 No Comments

Ruby from Pinz joins us at Teeth Studios. Uncle Luke eats Polish Brandon’s chicken, and it causes a fracas. The boys know their movies. Uncle Luke’s lousy date with N-Dog from last year. Black guys love Asians. Online dating, dude/chick friends. Customer service gripes. Uncle Luke can’t dance worth a shit. Dubstep stinks. Keith actually makes a funny joke. Odd haircare rituals.

Lookin GOOD, Episode 62

November 14, 2012 No Comments

Uncle Luke has a meaningful and impacting discussion with Keith The Teeth about the artistic direction of the show.

Phrases that piss you off. Recently extinct animals. Anchor Bar. Keith the Teeth stinks. Suck On Dee’s Nuts, N-Word. Tim Zynda stinks. Ray David, the Janitor. Polish Brandon has jew problems. Uncle Luke’s misbegotten date with an Asian. Picasso Pinz. LA Homeless guy & his foolish spending. New Star Wars movies. Uncle Luke is now sneeze shy.

Lookin GOOD Episode 61

November 7, 2012 No Comments

From Teeth Studios in Burbank, Uncle Luke & Polish Brandon (briefly) get into the Obama presidential win, as they hit the mic’s minutes after it happens. They get into their wild night of Tom The Tree Man’s birthday and the limo party, Uncle Luke gets into his crazy preceding week of Halloween parties and general gallavanting around Los Angeles. He then touches upon a weird relationship he has with a chick pal of his, the creative problems on the set of his latest sketch, and one of the most vile & offensive sex stories he’s told in 61 episodes. Also: Johnny 2 Dick’s; vitamins. (Just listen, damn you.)