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Lookin GOOD Episode 49

August 4, 2012 No Comments

Uncle Luke hates Sympathy For The Devil, “happy” stand up comedy, and famous ‘funny’ white guys with wacky hair. Polish Brandon reveals his youthful alter ego, MC Zetzal, and reveals his hatred for Urban Outfitters. More Tony the ex-roommate grief. Movies that are bad but you try to make yourself like anyway.

Lookin GOOD Episode 50

August 4, 2012 No Comments

Tony Scott’s death hits the wire in the first 5 minutes of the show, fucking everything up. Uncle Luke talks about his super party weekend with his brother and a rich chick, and how much he hated Expendables 2. Polish Brandon hates America’s Funniest Home Videos, and finds balloons patently uneccessary. He also brings to light a burgeoning national concern: helium shortage. (It’s actually true, apparently; who would have thought…)